Sunday, June 5, 2011

happy birthday maeha moo

my maeha moo
you just turned 8.

you are full of life and sweetness.
you have long, skinny legs and a "snaggle" tooth.
you have a few cute freckles and you are growing your shiny brown hair out.
you like to braid my hair and put your hair into a pony tail.
you LOVE to read and have read more books than i have, pretty sure.
you are usually in charge of free play time, directing the show and are always making lists.  you love sea shells and are taken by the beauty in nature. 

you are quite the piano player and bonnie just told me you scored the best of any of her 7 year olds at guild.  you are teaching aehsley how to play now.  you like to tease emry, even though he doesn't like it and you make aehsley explode at the drop of a hat.  you love to teach tru new noises and make him laugh, even though he is half your weight, you still carry him all around.  you are always willing to help me with whatever i need and i appreciate that!!!

you could be my personal assistant, wait... maybe you are.  mrs. lind enjoys having you in class, you are an excellent little sponge.  you give terrific massages with your healing hands.  you are thoughtful and kind and sensitive to all around you.  you are wise beyond your 8 years.  you were surprised at school when your brothers and i brought you cupcakes and watched you blow out your trick candles.  

you walked across the dam with your dad, sister, aunt anjye and cousins and then watched a parade for colorama. 
you were given an i-pad from your grandpa pit who would give you the moon if he could reach it.  you my child, make me proud to be your mama.  you my moo, will do amazing works in your time.  i pray GOD will continue to reveal Himself to you as you grow into YOU, our KING's daughter. 

xoxo mama 

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